Monday, 26 January 2009

Pride March! this Sunday, Saint Kilda

Proud to be Queer! Pride in our Student Union!

Come and join the National Union of Students Queer Department Pride March contingent.

This year the theme of Pride is "Your Rights, Our Rights, Human Rights" and it has never been more vital to have strong, independent student unions that can foster and facilitate queer Activisim.

The March is on Sunday Feb 1. Assemble at 3pm on the corner of Lakeside Drive and Fitzroy street. The MArch will kick off at 5pm.

For more info on the Pride March or the NUS Queer Department, feel free to contact Heidi Claus and Liam Byrne, the National Queer Officers at

Last years march:

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Awsome Quotes:

"I wish Jesus would come back and say 'that's not what I meant!' "
"They need to read the scripture, in Mathew, chapter 13, verse 4 it says 'shut the fuck up' "

-Margret Cho

Very funny and, she makes some valid comment, though not all totally PC or reflective of contemporary Queer theory, but none-the less well worth a look!