Monday, 17 November 2008

Rally: Repeal the Same Sex Marriage Ban

This Saturday 22nd
Speakout and Petition Handover in support of Gay Marriage
12:30 State Library

The ban of same sex marriage across 3 states in America and the campaign to ban it in more, is a painful reminder that not only must we continue to fight to GAIN our rights, but we must fight to MAINTAIN our rights!
Protestors in Iowa pictured left.

I have been involved with a group that has been petitioning for equal marriage rights over the past year (of course the over all campaign began much earlier). It is quite clear that public opinion is in our favour. Our petitions have been signed by over 30,000 people. a recent Age poll showed that 79% (an overwhelming majority) of Australians support equal rights for same sex couples. In reaction to this public opinion the Rudd government announced a raft of changes to homophobic laws; many of which would be automatically reversed if same sex marriage was legalised and if passed may save the Government massive amounts of money. None the less the proposal was indeed a victory for our side but it falls well short of the campaigns demands!

The ban imposed by Howard in 2004 was a massive slap in the face to queers and activist, a curt reminder to "Keep in our places"-we will NOT!!

This Saturday, in the city at the State Library there will be an important rally which aims to put pressure on the government to repeal the ban and make Rudd follow through with his legislation changes. At the rally the petition will be handed to a Greens Senator, to table the issue in parliament.


Anonymous said...

The ban imposed by Howard in 2004 was a massive slap in the face to queers and activist, a curt reminder to "Keep in our places"-we will NOT!!

Yes the best thing about the Howard years was when he got slaughtered by Kevin.

Protestors in Iowa pictured left.

On the topic of America and Queer issues, Prop. 8 went ahead; a real shame really...considering a 'school district' (whatever that is) was in favour of banning same-sex marriage. If I were a queer at that school, I would be outraged (or maybe not, seeing as 'outrage' is termed 'mental instability' by some US schools and medication, erroneously, is given to silence dissenters).

At the rally the petition will be handed to a Greens Senator, to table the issue in parliament.


Now on the topic of political madness (from the right, naturally), here is what one conservative had to say about this very issue:
If I sound moderate, then there’s obviously a failure on my part to communicate properly.
Homosexuality is aberrant behaviour and that behaviour is entirely the business of those affected..until those people attack the traditional family structure and attempt to promote homosexuality as being somehow “normal”.
That they can do so via the schools speaks volumes about the moral standards of teacher’s unions.
That the Left is at the forefront of this disgusting social engineering speaks volumes about the moral poverty
of you lot.
Moderate? No–I’d kill leftists on sight if it were possible to do so and get away with it, as sweet revenge for the damage you’ve caused to society.

See: for an attack on the bastard.

Kath said...

Howard was not sluaghtered by Kevin, Howard was sluaghtered by the unions and workers. WorkChoices was the biggest political mistake that man made. That said Rudd's "Forward with Fairness" policy is nto much better..however that it just slightly off topic!

If i were at that school/ in that school district i might be "outraged" but i might also feel alone, unsupported and unsafe.

Mr Moderate's views are a touch frightening, but his view is a minority view and he is a noboddy. I simiply do not have the time of day for assholes like that!

Tera Rose said...

fyi- a school district in the US is an area of town that designates it's children to a particular school. Most towns have more than one elementary school (primary grades) and the town is divided into school districts.

School districts are often used to designate where one votes as well.

That prop 8 thing is shocking.
California is viewed as our most progressive state. It is my understanding that the mormon church funded that with an all out war mentality.

complete with the question being worded in a way that confused people. People thought they were voting for gay marriage, to learn later they helped ban it.

Learn from out mistakes...
we thought California was safe from this kind of backlash...

When will the world realize that it doesn't need to control others to find their own peace and happiness?

Kath said...

When? Well when we end capitalism would be my answer to that. Capitalism, and it's need for a "competitive market" makes it necessary for the masses to be controlled.

The governor of California endorsed McCain. I'm sorry but to believe it is progressive is to misunderstand the nature of progression. Perhaps it is comparatively progressive to other states in America (I'm not acquainted with the ins and outs of the domestic politics of each state) but that just shows that America as a whole is FAR from progressive.

America is one of the oldest democracies in the world, yet it's electoral system is significantly flawed allowing for it to be easily rigged and with all their talk of personal freedoms and rights there welfare system is appalling for a wealthy, western country and the inherent belief in America that only American citizens should have rights (Guantanamo is only one example of this) is frightening to say the least.

Do not mistake my "Bush Bashing" or my arguments about American politics for patriotism or a belief that my own country is better. Australia is just as despicable; racist, sexist, heterosexist. Oppression is rife in our capitalist world!

Anonymous said...

Oppression is rife in our capitalist world!

Kath, you're really asking for me to challenge you there; oppression isn't due solely to capitalism. Other things such as tradition, religion and education also play a role.

Crackles said...
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N. F. Robinson said...

"I took a dump today. When I turned to look at it, I saw Reuben's face...fucking liberalist scum."

*applauds politely*

You, sir, are a REAL MAN. You say REAL THINGS, and cause REAL DAMAGE; not only to Reuben, atheist whore that he is, but to the whole left-wing fad.

It's at this point that I'd call you a douche, but I feel that the honor of cleaning a woman's vagina is one too high to be reserved for the likes of you. Scum at least has a viable place in our ecological system - eating by fish and the like - but your opinions do not.

I bet TEN AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS your girlfriend is left unfulfilled, night after night, and that she is already looking for a new man. Anyone going to raise me?

Reuben: Left wingers have just as many nuts as right-wingers.

Kath: Banning same-sex marriage? The idea... so ludicrous...

Tora: Sorry, but you are wrong. The American Mormon Church had nothing to do with Proposition 8; that is a lie spread by certain fanatic schisms of Christianity that are active in Southern America.

While I cannot deny that other Mormon-influenced groups were involved in pushing the thing, the actual LDS Church - especially its current President, Thomas S. Monson - actively spoke out against it.

Kath said...

Nat are you joking? or is this not nat? I'm not sure if you were calling REuben or crackles a Douche? and I assume you were being sarcastic when you said:
"Kath: Banning same-sex marriage? The idea... so ludicrous..."

Kath said...

By tradition you mean what Reuben?
Absolutely education plays a MASSIVE role in indoctrination and oppression, but the educational syllabus at ALL schools is set my the state, which only supports my assertions that capitalism is the cause of oppression.
Yes religion has played and to some extent continues to be an oppressive force, at TIMES however it's only true strength is drawn when it is used in relation to state law. E.g: the "marriage" act. If marriage is a religious concept then why did Howard make a law specifically denying same sex couples the right to get married? and why does Rudd continue to support this law?!

Kath said...

Crackles your comments are not welcome and have been deleated.

Tera Rose said...

hey kathy,
have you read andrea dworkins book, mysogony (sp)
i have to run and get a child from the school bus...but I wanted to ask you before I forgot.

it's a good one.

if i remember it talks about female circumcision as well :)
still being performed...

Tera Rose said...

umm, kathy, I agree...capitalism IS the oppressive force that uses tools like education, religion and the press to complete its mission....

Anonymous said...


You'll get a kick out of that.

Incidentally, Nat's psychiatrist called to let me know that Nat had a brief relapse once online...

In truth, however, I'm certain it was someone else who gained access to Nat's login. Nat wouldn't use such colourful language if he actually thinks Saturday is 'on'.

Crackles is a well known troll. Just look at how he described GrodsCorp:

Kath said...

No I haven’t Terra but I must say I am thrilled by the prospect of being able to dive into a world of historical and political texts now that I don’t have school! Got to love being a book worm…Schools over...YAY now I can read!
I read Slave by Mende Nazer and Damian Lewis, which is a sad, true novel about a young girl from Sudan, it also mentions female circumcision and its purpose.

N. F. Robinson said...

Wow. That doesn't sound like me at all..

Sorry, guys. I'm obliged to blame this one on Tom.

Jayne said...

Hey, Kath, have you seen the new Southern Star glbt newspaper?

Tera Rose said...

hey Kath-
that book by Dworkins is actually called Women Hating. Why I remember it by another name, I don't know. The stuff would be outdated to you, but she was writing in the early 70s. It was a book that opened my eyes back some years ago when I was your age. If I remember correctly, she draws a picture of a woman; describes chinese foot binding- and how the modern world isn't much different like high heels that make it hard for a woman to walk in. It was a good read back then, and you seem to remind me of a younger me....back when survival wasn't so necessary :)

Anonymous said...

I posted on Satuday's rally.